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Cead mile fajlte

100_1518      So this is home.

And I built it myself, technology challenged person that I am.  Now that’s a wonder.

There is something wonderful about being able to build our own home: use our creativity to make a sanctuary, our imagination to make a safe place that exists in our mind and heart.  It’s from that place of home that our cups are filled and we can become our best selves.

100_0328Sometimes a story or book can be such a home, a place to live while reading or hearing it.  Homes of that sort for me include the stories of Ulysses, Beowulf, Hansel and Gretel; books by writers like Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Kipling, Tolkien, Salinger, E.B. White, Diana Wynne Jones, Frank Delaney and of late, Kate DiCamillo and Susan Fletcher I return over and over again because they hold something that I need and cherish.  They encourage, refresh, and fill me with wonder.

Opening the cover of a book is like opening a door.

Can going to a website possibly be the same?  I don’t know.  But I am building this home, this website, with the hope that it will be a creative space – for me – and for you when you come to visit.

So welcome!  Cead mile fajlte in Gaelic: a hundred thousand welcomes.  Come in any door.  They are everywhere, you know, doors – even among rocks and cliffs, trees and meadows . . . even on computers and in our hearts.  Join the conversation by leaving your comments.  I look forward to talking.


About me

My name is Claudia Finseth, and I’m a writer.

I write for children and for adults.  I write fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  That is to say, I’m pretty much all over the map.  There are so many ideas to write about, so many adventures to have in writing, so many feelings to capture, so why would I want to limit myself?

I love everything about writing.  I love the brainstorming, the rough-drafting, the rewriting, and the polishing. Writing helps me stay sane, it keeps me serene, it feeds my quirky soul.  When I am not writing I get cranky.  Trust me, you don’t want to be around me then.  It’s not a pleasant experience.

Jake & Isabelle, spring 02
Jake & Isabelle

I live in Washington State with my husband Rick, who is originally from Canada.  We have two grown children, two children-in-law, and a granddaughter, as well as various informally adopted family.  It’s nice that we can make our own family just like we can build our own home.

Most writers I know have animals, and I’m no exception.  For years Jake the golden retriever and Isabelle the calico cat kept me company while I wrote in my little study at home.  They grew old, and are gone.  Now Finn has come to live with us.  He’s also a golden retriever and quite a character. Animals are perfect writer’s companions, because they seldom interrupt the voice of the story or disrupt the stream of imagination.

Do you like to write?  I hope so, but some people really hate it, mostly because they’ve had bad experiences or been told they are lousy at it.  If writing scares you, just think of it this way: writing is talking on paper.  If you can talk, you can write.

Writing in a journal might save your sanity or even your life sometime.  It has mine.


ps — I am sure animals would enjoy writing if they only had opposable thumbs.



  1. That was a lovely, warm welcome.

  2. Absolutely interesting. Through writing you can write for posterity what you see now – today. It gives a good feeling to the writer and pleasure to the reader. Both gain out of this exercise.

  3. Love this! And you are right, if I think like I’m talking to someone when I write it helps. I grew up thinking I was a terrible writer, so I have been trying to overcome that, and since I blog now I especially need to work on it. 😄

  4. Writing is talking on paper – I remember having that liberating insight myself

  5. Thanks for reminding us to write again. Nice post my friend.

  6. Love your beautiful pictures, Claudia! I’m inspired just by looking at them. How true about books being like a door–and writing as well.

  7. What a welcome. Your site attracted me because of ca at the end. i was from UK and we have lived in Ontario for 50 years this year.I have been writing for over 20 years since I finished teaching . We still have a marmalade cat; our lovely black lab died and no one had a heart to replace her. I write picture books and novels. My favourite is a historical novel that allows me to research background.My latest is called Two at the Crossroads about 2 women living around 1780-1815 in my area.Catharine met a Shawnee woman Star Watcher(Tecumapese) sister of famous Tecumseh in 1780 as a captive. She was well treated by the Shawnee although living with them for 4 years, she faced hard times as they did. They stayed in touch through Catharine’s husband SImon Girty(I guessed) and probably met again in 1812. Tecumapese had a hard life but I admired her wisdom and Catharine was strong intelligent and determined.
    Good to find you here. I have a website and facebook page at Truebooks

    • Jane, your book sounds very interesting. I have an ancestor whose daughter was taken by Indians. She lived with them for 7 years before he found her and brought her back, but it’s implied that she missed her Indian life. She had grown up with the Indians and I think she had an Indian husband. Good luck to you with your novel!

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