Scandinavian Folk Patterns

SFP for CTE2




contains over 30 original patterns and a complete history of cross stitch style counted thread as it came to and has been practiced in Scandinavia for hundreds of years.  Complete instructions for doing the cross stitches are also included.

SCANDINAVIAN FOLK PATTERNS FOR COUNTED THREAD EMBROIDERY is no longer in print, but that doesn’t need to be a problem!  Used copies in excellent condition can be purchased at many stores, including:

Powell’s Books

Amazon Books

Alibris Books

And if you would like to see Scandinavian Folk Patterns for Counted Thread Embroidery reprinted by some wise and lucky publishinger, please leave your comment on this page.  Thank you!

Patterns for Scandinavian folk costume dolls . . .Hardanger District, Norway

. . . or wall hangings.

Seasonal patterns.

and Christmas ideas

for everyone.

Folklore such as the Finnish Kalavala

or from Lapp Shamans' Magic Drums

Reindeers from Lap magic drums

From 12th Century Shamanic drums

The Helping Animals of Scandinavian Folktale

Designs inspired by Scandinavian Folklore

or the Icelandic Poetic Edda

A sampler of Norwegian farm life


Swedish folk costume



  1. Dear Claudia,
    I have used a quotation from you in a book I am writing about ritual cloth, centering, etc.
    It begins. “In counted thread embroidery you begin by finding the center…”
    I no longer have the book and wondered if you could tell me the page number it appears on. I have the rest of the reference.
    Thanks so much, Mary

    • Hi Mary. Page 9, Introduction “As Soothing as an Old Folk Song” Your book sounds interesting. What will the title be? Best, Claudia

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