How A Novel is Written

How is a novel written, you ask?  This is my rendition of how a novel is written.  Just follow the wavy line.  Beside it I have put my notes from Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne & King, a must-read if one is going to write a novel . . . or at least attempt the endeavor.

How A Novel is Written





  1. I’ve presented you with the Versatile Blogger’s Award for your work here. Your thoughtfulness and creativity and wit are deserving of recognition! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us!
    Visit my 09-28-2011 post to see more about your award.

  2. Thank you, Kathryn, Queen of the Flaky Awards. I just read your blog on this award you have so kindly bestowed on me, and I thought at first you wrote “We ask anyone receiving The Versatile Blog Award to pay for it.” That’s the kind of award I would expect to receive. And I’d buy it, too, if it didn’t cost too much. I mean, hey, isn’t that the way most folks get awards?

    Okay, “pay it forward.” I got it now.

    This morning I am working on The Changeling Chronicles, a story set at first in Ireland and then, strangely, Tacoma, Washington. You gotta admit that’s unique.

    But I first want to take this opportunity to thank the Academy for this prestigious and illustrious–or is that illustrated?–AWARD. Thank you, everyone. Bowing left, bowing right, and center, with a dramatic flourish of my arm, pencil in hand (or is that computer in hand? I think that would be a more difficult flourish, don’t you?) Yes, pencil in hand I thank you all.

    Lady Claudia
    Queen of and of this one little room in my own house.

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  3. ps–Is that a gargoyle you are kissing, Kath? Be still my heart! I want a gargoyle to kiss.

    • No, darling, it’s my husband that kisses the gargoyle. Me, I’m just smooching one of the Chinese camels out front of the SAAM/Volunteer Park entrance. They’re pretty handsome too, of course. Glad you’re progressing with the Changelings tale! Looking forward to much more. Smooches to you, too!

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